​​​​​​Now that you have set the date for your wedding, the first thing on your mind is probably your wedding dress. So many designs, ideas and prices! Which colour suits you best? Which style suits your shape? Which fabrics will have the best effect? How much is your dream bridal gown likely to cost? And so many wedding dress makers! Now is the time to be narrowing your search to a competent and trustworthy wedding dress maker.


I have been designing and making bridal wear for more than 40 years and I will work with you to create a truly unique gown. Just like us, all fabrics have their own strengths and weaknesses, so I believe it is essential to know the characteristics and personalities of individual fabrics, how they behave in a given situation and how they interact with each other. Your wedding dress will be made using only the finest of fabrics from a reputable supplier based in the Nottinghamshire lace market.

​​​​I will arrange an initial consultation with you, completely free of charge, to discuss ideas and go through fabric samples, until you are happy with the final design. You will be able to choose from hundreds of fabrics with a full range of prices to suit any budget. Your bridal gown need not cost the earth and will be truly unique to you! My one aim in life is to make you look absolutely stunning on

your very special day...

maureen peach

designer and creator of bridal wear

Experienced and much sought after wedding dress maker based in Kent

My grateful thanks to the following companies who supply me with​ the most amazing fabrics, laces, ribbons and haberdashery that help make my job so satisfying:

​Harrington Fabric and Lace, Nottingham

The Ribbon Shop, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

​Minerva Crafts, Lancashire

​Harlequin, Manningtree, Essex

​Without their excellent service and products, I wouldn't be able to do what I do!