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maureen peach

designer and creator of bridal wear


Here are some things you need to know about me as a wedding dress


  • I am based in Westgate on Sea - a Kent coastal town with

    excellent rail connections.

  • The length of time it takes to have a bridal gown made depends on the

    amount of work involved. Generally speaking, a plain satin gown could be ready for collection

    within 4 weeks.

  • The cost of your bridal gown depends on the fabrics you have chosen and the amount required, the size of the gown and again, the amount of work involved, e.g. hand sewing, embroidery, beading etc. A plain satin gown could cost as little as £300.
  • You should allow for at least 4 fitting sessions of approximately 1 hour each.
  • I will ask you for an initial deposit towards the cost of the fabrics, which I will order as soon as you have made your decision. By buying the fabrics straight away, you will be assured of the cost. If you wait a while before making your decision, I can't guarantee the cost of the fabrics remaining the same and therefore the quote I gave you may be slightly higher (rarely lower!). Please be assured that you will not pay a massive deposit and then see nothing until your dress arrives, ready made, from Asia, about 2 weeks before the big day! You will be invited to come and see the fabrics as soon as they arrive, and don't forget, you will be included at every step in the process of making your unique bridal gown. The balance of the cost will be due when you collect your completed gown.
  • The price I give you will remain the same throughout the process. It will only differ if you change your mind along the way and decide to have something different that involves extra fabrics and/or work. 
  • I'm afraid I do NOT make alterations to previously bought bridal wear, or any other items, whatever the circumstances. I have a long list of very good reasons for this and will explain them if you wish. I will, however, alter a bridal gown that I have made, for example: shortening for further use, or to make a christening gown from the fabric.
  • I also make bridesmaids' dresses. You don't necessarily need expensive fabrics for your attendants' dresses - in fact I have made dresses from patchwork cotton (see Aimee's dresses in the Gallery) cotton lawn and Broiderie Anglaise (Kate's) and even curtain material! If I make your bridal gown and your bridesmaids' dresses at the same time, the overall cost will be cheaper as you will all share the fitting time!
  • Your payment can be made by cash or by bank transfer.

​​​​                           CALL me on 01843 832502 or 07503968433

​                             oreMAIL at mspxpat@yahoo.co.uk​​​